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    — Professional Promotion Service in China on studying in Nordic countries


    The Universities in North Europe are renowned for delivering quality education to students around the world. They are designed to meet the future needs of research and education for students from around the world. Unfortunately, because the universities have not been well promoted, many of the students in China are not fully aware of all the North European universities offer, and Chinese students for instance, opt then to study in English speaking countries such as UK, US, even Holland, little realizing what the Nordic countries are offering.


    Nordic universities are very interested in attracting top Chinese students, particularly those with an interest in the Nordic countries. These universities are fantastic for not only students being able to get a taste of the Nordic culture, but also Chinese students will be able to participate in all the academic and cultural activities.  China is witnessing enormous growth in the economy, which is good news for the universities, and for this reason Studynordic is committed to promoting the fantastic array of graduate programs as well as the superb academic facilities which are freely available to all Chinese students as well as other international students, contribute to the development of Nordic university recruiting activities in China.


    The Nordic universities are attracting more and more top students with their range of programs offered to international graduate degree students.  The tuition fees will differ, depending on the program and the institution, but in order to offset these fees, the universities offer scholarship schemes for their international students, focused on a range of academic disciplines.


    Studynordic will exploit its China know-how and  expertise on Nordic universities, aiming at overcoming some Chinese students missunderstanding, prejudice and suspicion on studying Nordic, strengthening the brand of the universities, attracting most talents to choose Nordic as a study destination.



    1. To present Nordic University to potential students
    2. To make Chinese students aware of the brilliant opportunities available at these universities
    3. To differentiate each university and position them in the right target group


     How We Promote

    a. Online promotion —–StudyNordic co-operates with Chinese online media, such as www.sina.com.cn, www.tigtag.com, www.baidu.com to promote the concept of studying Nordic. Studynordic.net is an excellent platform for students looking for study information in Scandinavian countries. 

     b. Brochure — StudyNordic brochure includes all the information a student needs to study Nordic. Each member university will be presented with the detailed info in the brochure. The brochure will be delivered to students free of charge. 

    c.  Journal— A periodical known as StudyNordic will be launched and which will offer the latest news on Nordic student life, university promotions etc. This periodical will be delivered to certain students free of charge. 

    d. StudyNordic Exhibition Hall — The member university brochures, poster will be shown in the StudyNordic exhibition hall, visitors will be free to pick up the brochures

    e.  Public Media – Study Nordic will analyze the data obtained with the partner university and certain universities will be selected and promoted in newspapers, on radio and websites for instance.

     f. Fairs — Study Nordic will attend some fairs to present the key partner universities

     g.  Discussion forum – Studynordic will organize discussion forums and invite the related partners like students, consultants, Partner University etc so that ideas and suggestion can be discussed. 


    To know more about how to join Studynordic,  please click –Promotion Packages !